The Largest Tablet Brands In Q1 2022 – Amazon Fire Tablets Climbs To Third Place

Here's the latest preliminary sales numbers for tablets in the first quarter of 2022, based on the figures from IDC.

38.4 million tablet computers were estimated to have shipped from January to March this year, which is a solid number in itself.

Chromebooks have decline the most since these were bought in large quantities in the education sector during the lockdowns. But other tablet operating systems have maintained more natural and stable sales when we factor in the natural product cycles.

Based on how IDC categorizes the tablet brands, Apple was the largest tablet brand in Q1 2022, with total shipments of 12.1 million iPads.

Samsung came in second place with 8.1 million tablet shipments.

The Largest Tablet Brands Q1 2022 By Shipments
The Largest Tablet Brands In Q1 2022

Then Amazon managed to climb to third place with 3.7 million Fire tablets sold. Not surprising, considering that Amazon turned the Fire HD 10 into a 2-in-1 tablet with optional keyboard during their latest upgrade.

This spectacular jump means that Amazon actually beat the computer manufacturer Lenovo, as Lenovo came in fourth place with 3 million tablets shipped.

Huawei came in fifth place with 2.2 million tablets shipped.

The many remaining tablet brands were then lumped into the category of ‘other tablet brands', but with these brands still making up as much as 24.1% of the Q1 tablet shipments, we have to consider that major computer companies such as Microsoft, Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Chuwi, Xiaomi, Nokia, are all counted as one even if their total combined tablet shipments were 9.2 million tablets last quarter.

So one thing's for certain, with sales figures such as these, despite the 2011 predictions by the media, it's safe to say that tablet computers did not become a fad, even 12 years after the launch of the first iPad.

– Jim Miller