The 7 Best Barcode Scanner Apps for iPhone

The world of barcodes is often mistaken for QR codes, but there are actually many barcode apps available for iPhone. If you've been searching for the best barcode scanner apps, look no further. In this article, we'll explore the top barcode scanner apps for iPhone that will optimize your workflow and help you find the best deals.

Barcode vs QR Code: What's the Difference?

QR codes are matrix barcodes that can be found on smartphones, used for sharing Wi-Fi passwords, augmented reality, virtual stores, and more. On the other hand, standard line barcodes are commonly used in consumer products like FMCG, groceries, and books. Whether you own a small business, a warehouse, or a kitchen pantry, using a barcode scanner app can greatly optimize your workflow.

1. Bakodo

Bakodo is an intuitive barcode scanner app for iPhone that allows you to quickly scan barcodes on books, movies, games, groceries, and other retail products. Simply point the camera at the barcode, and the app will quickly read the code and fetch the search results for you. Bakodo supports multiple symbologies, ensuring that you can recognize any popular barcode.

The app finds products by searching the barcode number and looking it up on Google. While it provides limited information, it serves as a simple scan and search app. If you're looking for a more comprehensive app, keep reading.

2. Barcode Reader for iPhone

Barcode Reader for iPhone offers multiple search channels to find products. In addition to Google, you can also search for products on eBay, Bing, and Amazon to find better deals. The app can scan multiple barcodes at once, and you can save the data within the app. If a barcode isn't recognized, you can manually enter the product information for future reference.

The iPhone barcode scanner covers a broader ground in finding products. The app is free with ads, but you can remove them for $1.

3. Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners is a professional-grade scanning app that incorporates features commonly found in industrial scanners. The scanning interface is simple, focusing on scanning items quickly. The app includes a torch button for scanning in low light, a zoom button for tiny codes, and a history list of all the codes you've scanned. Customizable settings allow you to tune the app to your preferences.

The app shines in its ability to read different types of barcodes, supporting both 1-D and 2-D barcodes. You can manually enable and disable symbologies and specify how to parse any given code. Barcode Scanners is a free app with no in-app purchases.

4. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is designed for consumers who want to find the best possible deals. The app catalogs every product scanned and scans over 60,000 retailers across the U.S. to display the best price when you scan an item's barcode. You can create folders to organize your pantry and household items, making it easy to find items again. The app also notifies you of price drops and has a Safari extension for seamless notifications on your Mac. The app is free with ads, but you can remove them and enable the folder option with a subscription for $2/month.

5. Barcode to PC

Barcode to PC transforms your iPhone into a handheld barcode scanning tool. It allows you to scan a large number of products and plot all the data into a CSV file on your computer. The app comes with a server that runs on your computer and receives information in real-time. You can also manually enter the barcode number using the iPhone keyboard. Barcode to PC is a free app available on the App Store.

6. Barcode Alarm Clock

Barcode Alarm Clock offers an interesting way of waking up heavy sleepers. When you set up an alarm, the app asks you to present a barcode that you need to scan as the key. Once set up, when the alarm goes off, you'll have to find the same barcode and scan it with your iPhone. If you can't find the item, you can manually enter the code to turn off the alarm. The app works flawlessly and ensures you will be woken up. Barcode Alarm Clock is a free app.

7. Use a Physical Barcode Scanner

If you prefer a physical barcode scanner, there are plenty of Bluetooth scanners on Amazon that pair with your iPhone. For example, the Eyoyo EY-017L 1D Scanner clips to the back of your iPhone and transmits every scanned barcode over Bluetooth. You can then use a spreadsheet app like Scan to Spreadsheet to input the data on your iPhone.


These are the top barcode scanner apps for iPhone that can greatly optimize your workflow and help you find the best deals. From simple scanners to comprehensive tools designed for businesses, there is a barcode scanner app to suit your needs. Which barcode scanner app do you use? Let us know on Twitter.

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