Teclast X1 Pro Announced In China

Teclast X1 Pro have just been announced in China, and unfortunately that’s pretty much the only place where it will be sold too.

Teclast is most famous for their iPad sized dual-OS Android and Windows X98 Air tabletsicon with retina display that can be bought for around $230. But the Teclast X1 Pro is a Windows tablet that once again copies Microsoft’s Surface tablets, and it’s not the first time Teclast have done that.

The specs are what makes it the most interesting, like the 12.2-inch screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution, 4GB of RAM, 128GB storage, and the dual-core Intel Core M-5Y10C processor.


The optional keyboard is a shameless replica of Microsoft’s Type Cover keyboard even. Unlike other Chinese tablets, this tablet isn’t cheap. It starts at what would be the equivalent of $500, and that’s what it would cost before import and sales tax outside of China, which corresponds with what was reported earlier this year, that white-label / Chinese brands would have to increase their margins significantly to continue to survive for another year.

When you can get 8-inch Windows tablets like Toshiba Encore 2 8 for under $110, or the HP Stream 7 for $79, with proper warranty and consumer rights, the fact of that matter is that reputable brands have become too cheap for Chinese brands the last six months for them to be able to compete on price any longer.

– Tom Bowen

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