Take Two On The Bestselling Tablet Brands Of Q4 And 2021

IDC released their quarterly sales estimates for tablet computers today, and their numbers are a little different from the Strategy Analytics tablet numbers that were published last week.

Not only is Microsoft beaten by Huawei (with the Honor brand included), but by IDC’s estimates, total sales figures for tablets in 2021, were up by 3.2%, not down.

IDC also estimates that Lenovo’s tablet sales numbers beat those of Amazon’s Fire tablets.

The Largest Tablet Brands 2021-2022
The Largest Tablet Brands Of 2021

With 168.8 million tablet computers shipped in 2021, those are pretty good sales numbers in themselves.

Now that Samsung is on the verge of releasing their new trio of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 flagship tablets, their sales figures should pick up in Q1 and Q2 2022.

– Tom Bowen