Bestselling Tablet Brands Of Q4 And 2021

Strategy Analytics has released the first estimation of global tablet computer sales for Q4 2021, and it's safe to say that Apple still maintained its position as the bestselling tablet brand by far.

A lot of politics goes into the sales figures for tablet computers, and some of the industry analysts used in the report says that demand exceeded supply in Q4, and that supply shortages held back sales during this time period.

The tablet brands have all applied different tactics to overcome this. In some cases, Apple switched from cargo ships to cargo planes just to get enough iPads delivered, and brands have also switched manufacturers and components in some cases.

Despite all of this, Chirag Upadhyay says that total tablet shipments were still only down 3% for the entire year.

The most ironic event in tablets for 2021 was that Samsung launched their least amount of new tablets in years, even if just about every other brand, including Nokia who had not launched a new tablet in years, or smartphones brands that had never even launched a tablet computer before, released their first tablet in 2021.

Bestselling tablet brands Q4 2021
Bestselling tablet brands Q4 2021

– Tom Bowen