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Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts

(Updated) Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s no secret that a lot of people hope to find a tablet pc beneath the Christmas tree. But with all the tablets out there, it may be a little confusing and time cousuming to learn about tablets just now in the middle of the Christmas rush. So here are a few tips for those who think about buying or (wish for) a tablet for Christmas. First off, the earlier you start shopping, the better the deal.

Here are the deals and tablet discounts before Christmas, with the opportunity to save a lot of money:
Dec. 18 – 24. Kindle Fire isn’t the only tablet selling for $199 before Christmas, even the Blackberry Playbook reached record low prices today, when it was cut to $199.99 for the 16GB edition. The 32GB Blackberry Playbook was cut to $249.99. Both very significant discounts.

Dec. 11 – 17. Start smiling – Best Buy launched two new tablet deals today, just in time before Christmas. The tablets on sale are the Toshiba Thrive, and Motorola Xoom. Toshiba Thrive, is cut by $80 off to $299.99 for one week, starting Sunday. The 16GB Motorola XOOM additionally named “Family Edition Tablet” is on sale for $329.99. That’s a $70 discount (also just a one week discount, not a price cut).

Dec. 4 – 10. HTC Flyer (16GB) is on sale for $299.99 (with free shipping included) over at Best Buy. This is a $200 discount. At Amazon the same HTC Flyer sells for $499. Best Buy’s bargain is only available from

Monday Dec. 5th, to Sunday Dec. 11th. A second good deal, is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, which is also on sale during the same time as the HTC Flyer. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is also discounted to $299,99. At just over $400 in Amazon stores at the time of the writing, makes this a pretty good discount too, though not as good as the HTC tablet. Amazon is currently in its third shopping discount week, and this week they have named Holiday Flurry Deals Week, with the focus on Electronics coming up on Friday 9th.

Some outstanding bargains were given to tablets on Black Friday, such as the Toshiba Thrive selling for $199. Not much of a sale on the iPad 2 unfortunately, though this wasn’t expected either at this time of the year. But MacMall has cut the cheapest iPad 2 from $499 to $484, for as long as that lasts. The iPad 2 is the most wished for tablet pc this year, just like last year. At Amazon, their own Kindle Fire is the most wished for tablet, but even there the iPad 2 (in white) ranks second on the tablets wishlist. And an iPad 2 in black ranks nr. 4 on the wishlist, so there’s no doubt that the iPad 2 is very much desired. If you can afford the price tag that the cheapest iPad 2 is generally selling for, then you’ll make someone very happy indeed. You can’t go wrong with an iPad 2.

Most Wished For Tablets for Christmas 2011
Most Wished For Tablets for Christmas 2011
If you still want to give someone a tablet for Christmas but would like to spend less, then cross your fingers for upcoming deals for tablets on Friday, or take advantage of Best Buy’s tablet discounts. Whatever you do, be careful about considering tablets under $199. Even if someone may have put one on their wishlist, they may not know what they have wished for. Old operating systems, inferior resistive touch-screens, poor hardware performance, is what you’ll generally get under $199. That may work if all a person wants is for a tablet to function as a e-reader with a color screen, but it will give the owner a inferior and limited user experience for everything else a tablet should be used for. This site is being updated continuously whenever new tablet deals becomes available before Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones!

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