Surface Pro X Christmas Sale – $320 Savings On Bundles

The 13-inch Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet Surface Pro X was unveiled 6 weeks ago, so it haven’t really had the time to be on sale yet apart from a small discount during Cyber Monday. But now for the first time it is at least possible to save $320 through a Surface Pro X bundle.

This Surface Pro X sale is initiated by Microsoft now before Christmas, and is available through Best Buy and Microsoft Store.

As for the bundle, Microsoft have picked the bestseller, the 256GB storage / 8GB RAM model that costs $1299, and bundled the tablet with the $139 Surface Pro X keyboard and the $144 Surface Slim Pen, for a total of $1249 against the regular price of $1569.

Buying a Surface Pro X as a Christmas present may be risky though simply considering that it doesn’t run regular x86 64-bit software, only ARM 64/32-bit or the older x64 32-bit. That’s the cause of some confusion for some people naturally, but if you’ve used computers for a couple of decades, then you are probably accustomed to this sort of compatibility issue by now, and now how to deal with it.

– Tom Bowen

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