Surface Pro From $649 As New Surface Pro 6 Is Added To All Stores

The new Surface Pro 6 was unveiled this week with new processors and new color options. SP6 will be launched on October 16, and from the official Microsoft Store the only processor options are 8th gen. Intel Core i5 or i7 processors which gives us a entry level price of $899 on the new Surface Pro 6. However, it is possible to get a Surface Pro cheaper than that.

Best Buy sells the Surface Pro 6 with a processor option that Microsoft Store doesn't offer, which is the former entry level option of Intel Core m3-7Y30, a model that used to cost $799. That Surface Pro 6 is now sold for $749 from Best Buy.

But the thing is that without a new processor and GPU, the Intel Core m3-7Y30 version of Surface Pro 6 is just a Surface Pro 5. And from Microsoft Store you can get that model in a clear out sale right now for $649.

– Jim Miller