Speck iPad Cover May Have Leaked April 6 Launch Date For First New iPads Of 2021

In the funniest piece of tablet news today, Reddit user nanosplitter posted a picture of a case for iPads that was on display at Target for what is described on the packaging as the ‘New iPad 11 2021.'

The iPad case in question is one of Speck's Balance Folio cases for the iPad, and the packaging looks similar to what it should look like for the Speck Balance Folio.

The Reddit user also writes that he tried to buy the case, only to be told by an employee that it can't be sold before April 6, and that it shouldn't have been on display yet.

Glitches like these have turned out to be real numerous times before. So this is a bit of fun.

The next iPad launch is expected later in March, though to some debate between the usual Apple leakers. So the April 6 launch date for Speck's covers would probably fit the release date of the next iPads.

Thanks to Jessie for the tip!

– Tom Bowen