Sony Launches New Portable Small And Very Large Wireless Speakers

With the launch of the Google Pixel Tablet with its speaker dock with charger, it has people talking about sound boosting accessories for tablets again.

A few tablets have or have had docks with additional speakers over the years. But not all of these docks have been universal. So if the tablet has become broken or upgraded to another one, the dock might not fit the next tablet equally well, or at all.

So that's an area where universal wireless speakers (with wiring options) fills the gap. And Sony introduced two new wireless speakers this week for such purposes.

The first one is the Sony SRS-XB100 which is a small portable speaker about the size of a small cup, which features both a passive radiator and a full-range speaker in each end for some more bass and a fuller sound from such a compact speaker.

It's a mono speaker, but if paired it will deliver stereo too, which seems like a clever feature.

It's compatible with both Siri and Google voice assist functions too, it weighs the same as an average smartphone these days, and comes in a multitude of colors.

The design is good, and seems like a reminder of why Apple co-founder Steve Jobs admired Sony as often as he did.

Sony's other new wireless speaker is the humongous Sony SRS-XV800, a powerful speaker large enough to have its own set of wheels on it for easy placements indoor or outdoor.

That said, there is an even larger SRS-XV900 edition too in this series of large party speakers and karaoke speakers, but Sony added a slightly smaller one all the same.

With a whopping 900 watt output and 6.7-inch woofers, the SRS-XV800 is powerful for just about every scenario, even including small concerts. But best of all, it is still a battery powered wireless speaker with a 25 hour battery life, and changing ambient lights.

The new mega speaker can be controlled by apps such as Sony Music Center or Fiestable.

– Jim Miller