Some iPad mini 6 Users Says iPad Won’t Charge After Update – Apple Memo Acknowledge Issue

The present iPad mini 6 is one of the best small tablets on the market. It was launched in September last year, and has a high performance in a small computer.

After the latest iPadOS 15.5 update however, a few iPad mini 6 owners have reported that their iPad has failed to charge. It was originally released with iPadOS 15, and a new battery feature named Find My Battery Reserve was added in the iPadOS 15.2 update.

The newest OS release is the iPadOS 15.5 that was released on May 16th, so the fact that it has taken a while to be reported, seems to indicate that the failure to charge is not too widespread.

And MacRumors reports that Apple has sent out a memo to service providers where they acknowledge the issue, while currently suggesting that users should reboot their tablet, which should temporarily fix the problem.

It's difficult to tell if the problem is in iPadOS 15.5 or if all the iPad mini 6 users have an app in common, or some other software related issue.

Apple will release iPadOS 16 later this year, but before then they will also release the 15.6 update for iPads.

– Jim Miller