Samsung’s Upcoming 11-Inch And 12.4-Inch Android Tablets (Tab S7 / Tab S20) To Feature 5G And Digitizer Pen

Some new leaks have surfaced on the unannounced Samsung tablets with the model numbers SM-T970 and SM-T870, which are believed to be 12.4 inches and 11 inches large Android tablets.

Dutch Samsung magazine GalaxyClub says that these tablets are called Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus internally at Samsung, without betting the farm that that's what these new Samsung tablets will be called at launch. They also speculate that Samsung might launch them with the name Samsung Galaxy Tab S20.

Called Tab S7 or not, GalaxyClub believes that these tablets will be launched in August.

Specs now believed to belong to these Tab S7 or Tab S20 tablets after the new leak, are a S Pen digitizer, and that not just Wi-Fi and 4G models will be launched, but that an additional 5G model with the model number SM-976 is in development for global launch, with the expectation that a SM-T976B is likely in development for the European market.

– Tom Bowen