Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 Keyboard Released In The US

We mentioned back in November that Samsung was going to launch its own Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 keyboard, and this week this tablet keyboard has been released in the US too:

In some countries like Germany and a few other European countries, the keyboard can be bought directly from Samsung too, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Book Cover Keyboard (EF-DT500).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 keyboard is pretty light keyboard, and since there are no pogo pins on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, it connects via Bluetooth 4.2. and it's powered by a normal high capacity button cell CR2032 battery.

The cover and the keyboard are also separate units, so they can be moved around independently of each other, and the cover can be used as just a tablet cover too when you are travelling lightly, and don't need to pull out the keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Book Cover Keyboard EF-DT500
– Tom Bowen