Samsung’s Flexible OLED Display Verified As Unbreakable

Samsung announced yesterday that their newest flexible panel has just been verified as “unbreakable” by Underwriters Laboratories, and that it may even be tougher than Gorilla Glass.

The display/panel in question is Samsung's latest flexible panel which is also a OLED panel, so there's no sacrifice on the quality of the display either, since OLED displays are what Samsung use on the flagship tablets, both the Android and the Windows tablets.

As for the test, I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the test results, at least I was personally impressed by the solidity of the panel.

Samsung Flexible OLED Display Panel
Samsung Flexible OLED Display Panel

Underwriters Laboratories states that after dropping Samsung's flexible panel to the ground 26 times from 1.2 meters, as well as 71 degrees and -32 degrees temperature tests, the panel had no damages on the front, side, or edges, and would continue to work normally. And even from 1.8 meter drops, the flexible panel would still continue to work normally.

Samsung explains that their latest flexible OLED panel is made with a unbreakable substrate and an overlay window adhered to it, because the other flexible panels of past years have a glass cover that often breaks up severe impact, says Samsung.

So it looks like this will be the type of OLED screen we will see on Samsung's upcoming foldable tablets in 2019, as this display panel should not be as susceptible to cracking after repeated folding.

– Tom Bowen