Samsung Tablet Bundle Deals Saves Money And Brings More Storage To The Tablet

A lot of Samsung tablet bundle deals have just been launched ahead of the holidays, for several of the current bestselling Samsung tablets.

The Samsung tablet deals have all cut the price of the tablet down from the original launch price, and then added an additional Samsung microSD card ranging from 32GB, to 64GB, to 128GB, as long as the tablet supports that much microSD storage.

The microSD cards that are bundled in for free are the very solid and fast Samsung EVO memory cards.

The Samsung tablets are first up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, which comes with a 32GB microSD card, providing a total of 40GB of storage on the tablet. The price is $129, which isn't too bad for a tablet with 1.5GB of RAM and 1280 x 800 resolution.

Then the two new Super-AMOLED Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets have microSD card storage options from 64GB to 128GB, on both the 9.7-inch model and the 8.0-inch model, in either white, black, or gold.

And even the brand new 18.4-inch Samsung Galaxy View that was launched just two weeks ago has the option either 64GB or 128GB microSD cards along with a tablet that has been cut significantly from the $599 launch price, to around $519 with a 64GB Samsung microSD card bundled in.

Samsung Tablet Bundle Deals

There's not statement about how long the Samsung tablet bundle deals will last, but whenever deals like these are launched they tend to last for 2-3 weeks, so they should last out November and at least two weeks into December.

– Jim Miller