Samsung T7 Shield Rugged Portable Hard Drive Launched Today

Samsung announced more tablet and computer accessory goodies today, in the form of a new iconic looking mass storage rugged portable SSD:

The full name is actually Samsung T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive. This PSSD is the latest sibling in the regular T7 and the T7 Touch family.

As a rugged portable external hard drive it has a dust and waterproof rating of IP65, and it's been tested to withstand a 3-meter shock drop of 1,5G or 20G vibrations, and yet it's still very light, at a mere 98 grams.

The Samsung T7 Shield capacity options are 1TB or 2TB, with a write speed of up to 1,000MB/s and a read speed at up to 1,050MB/s, which is transferred through a USB 3.2 Gen2 port which in itself has a capacity of 10GB/s.

On the security side, Samsung's newest portable hard drive is equipped with 256-bit AES hardware encryption, and the two programs Samsung Portable SSD1.0 and Samsung Magician Software.

Samsung's external hard drives have developed a solid reputation for reliability already, so that fact that the T7 Shield is so small and rugged, and priced competitively, makes this the most interesting new portable hard drive of 2022.

The design gives it a good grip on the go too, and it has color options of black, beige, and blue.

– Tom Bowen