Samsung Space Monitor Release February 24th

Samsung unveiled some new computer monitors around CES last month, and now the best ones are just to be launched with the 4K Samsung Space Monitor being released on February 23:

At $399 for a 27-inch 4K monitor and $499 for a 31.5-inch 4K monitor these external displays are reasonably priced.

Samsung Space Monitor
Samsung Space Monitor
Samsung have made some of the best monitors for years, but I never felt like they really gave as much priority to design functionality as they did to the coolness of their monitors. So I'm personally very happy to see Samsung design through through monitors that saves a lot of space around a tablet, laptop, docking, or desktop computer when it's placed on a desk, as the Samsung Space Monitor is design to be space saving both under the monitor and behind the monitor.

The Space Monitor even sports very narrow bezels which of course gives it a very modern design after all, but above all it's very function and space saving too.

– Jim Miller