Samsung SM-T387 Named Samsung Galaxy Tab A Lite

The 8-inch Android 8.1 tablet Samsung SM-T387 is now identified as Samsung Galaxy Tab A Lite, so this will be the name in some markets it looks like, judging by the latest names associated with this tablet during its Bluetooth certification last week.

But probably not in all markets, as Samsung occasionally use up to 3 different names for the same tablet computer, depending on which market it is sold in. But for sure the model number series Samsung SM-T380 to SM-T389 belongs to Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0, launched last year.

(UPDATED: New Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 4G LTE (SM-T387) now launching)

Samsung's Lite tablets are usually entry level tablets in each particular size category, and as such they don't have to be new tablets from Samsung, but rather tablets that were launched a while ago, but that are kept in production even when a newer generation tablet takes it place.

Like in the case of Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7

Of course, Apple have used this strategy too many times when they have launched a new iPad, only that Apple doesn't rename their tablets afterwards, they just keep the name and sell it a little cheaper than before once it's replaced by a new iPad.

Several iterations of Samsung SM-T387 were also Wi-Fi certified with Android 8.1 on June 26.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
– Tom Bowen