Samsung SM-G888 Is A Rugged Smartphone And Not A Galaxy X Or Other Foldable

Samsung have long since admitted that they are working on foldable tablets and dual-screen smartphones, but that they will only launch such foldable mobile devices when Samsung feel the products are good enough.

The specs for such devices haven't leaked yet, only patents and and trademarks have, and even then we still don't know which is which. The codename for a foldable Samsung tablet or smartphone is rumored to be Project Valley. More specifically Samsung OWY and Samsung Galaxy X have been believed to be possible model names or numbers, with Samsung SM-G888NO being a third option that gained momentum during fall.

But just like Sammobile discovered, it has become clear that at least the Samsung SM-G888NO is not one of Samsung's foldable devices, since it was announced in a press release yesterday that that model number corresponds to a rugged smartphone for professionals, in this case for personnel onboard the high-speed LTE-Railway in South Korea.

The closest model number for non-professional use is the Samsung SM-G890, which is the rugged version Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

Interface leaks on the other hand have shown what a dual-screen smartphone from Samsung can look like though, we just don't know the name or model number for it yet.

Samsung SM-G888NO
– Tom Bowen