Samsung Pushes New Promotion Of DeX For Samsung Tablets

Samsung have been gradually expanding into the business category of computers bit by bit, and in a continued effort to push furter into this space, Samsung is focusing on business features in mobile tech in-between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

Samsung as well as Android have taken over a lot of the space previously occupied by Microsoft and Windows, so Microsoft may have to do better, even though they Microsoft too is making more money in the business category, though mainly because the business space is expanding in itself, not so much from Microsoft beating their competitors with services.

So Samung keeps pushing tailormade services as well as features like Samsung DeX, which now has more appeal among business clients than consumers. So maybe Samsung should market DeX more among consumers too, so that they will learn what is right in front of them, as a lot of Samsung tablet owners are even unaware of what it is. But hopefully Samsung will add more features DeX in 2019 too, which would really win over consumers.

– Jim Miller