Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 To Continue With Three Sizes

Things are finally starting to shape on up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 leaks, as the second leaks concerning Samsung's next round of flagship tablets with Android have been leaked by the the longstanding Dutch Samsung leakers GalaxyClub.

It's mainly the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 model numbers that's been leaked today, which shows us that the 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 carries the SM-X710 to 719 model number series, the 12.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ has the SM-X810 to 819 model number series, and the the 14.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has the SM-X910 to 919 model number series.

But at least this shows us that the 14.6-inch large tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra was not just a one-off and will in fact get a successor.

The large Samsung tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

And just like the predecessors, all Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 models feature optional 5G cellular connectivity too for a bit more dough.

GalaxyClub also believes that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets will be launched in August, which corresponds with previous expectations that Samsung would unveil these tablets in the second half of 2023.

At the moment, the main hardware upgrades are currently not expected to be major, in some part because the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets already made such a major leap forward the last time.

Though waterproofing of Samsung's S9 tablets is a new feature that's expected.

– Jim Miller