Samsung’s Eight Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 / S9+ / S9 Ultra Accessories Adds Great New Features

One great surprise when Samsung announced the three new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 flagship tablets last week, was the sheer amount of official accessories Samsung was releasing with the tablets.

But not only that, many of these accessories have design features we haven't seen before, which are clever and useful. So they are worth a look for those who've already bought the tablets.

Samsung made as much as eight accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets. You'll find their original names in bold text, so they'll be easier to find in store.

Official Samsung Accessories For Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 - Plus - Ultra

They will be released both from Samsung's Tablet Accessories Page on Amazon, and the Store on August 11, when the tablets are also released.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – S9 Plus – S9 Ultra Privacy Screen Panel

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra Privacy Screen Panel
Almost straight after tablets started launching in the 2010-2012 time frame, they all got 178-degree IPS panels, which makes it possible to view a screen from a 89 degree angle on each side without getting a distorted image.

That's great for every day use, but maybe not so much if you want more privacy when using the tablet in public.

So the Privacy Screen Panel reduces the viewing angles down to 30 degrees instead, which makes it near impossible to get a proper view of the screen if someone else is outside of that angle, while the main user who is straight in front of the tablet, should not be affected by it.

The design is clever, because it's simply a magnetically attached cover that can easily be attached and detached in a second.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – S9 Plus – S9 Ultra Outdoor Cover

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra Outdoor Cover
Since Samsung already have rugged tablets on the market, they have experienced with what constitutes a good rugged tablet cover. So I found it very interesting that they even launched an outdoor case for the Tab S9 tablets, when we consider that the tablets are already waterproof.

So when these waterproof tablets are protected by this rugged Tab S9 cover, which also has a rear kickstand, holder, and pen holder, then Samsung has greatly extended the many uses people can have with these tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – S9 Plus – S9 Ultra NotePaper Screen Panel

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra NotePaper Screen Panel.
This was pretty novel for a tablet brand. Samsung have launched their own additional panel that attaches to the screen and gives users a paperlike feel when they write, draw, or touch the screen.

Third party screen covers like these have been on the market for a while, but not from a computer brand itself.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – S9 Plus – S9 Ultra Anti-Reflective Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra Anti-Reflective Screen Protector
These have two functions. The main purpose is the anti-reflective properties the film adds to the screen, so that reflections from the sun, clouds, or bright lamps are reduced.

But the film also works as an additional screen protector that provides some extra protection against scratches and dust.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 S9 Plus S9 Ultra S Pen with Air Command

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra S Pen
The new waterproof Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 S Pen can always be rebought in either beige or black if the original pen is lost or broken.
It has Air Command that can be activated by clicking the button on the pen, and can be tailored to a shortcut of your preference.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – S9 Plus – S9 Ultra Book Cover Keyboard Slim

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra Book Cover Keyboard Slim
The cheapest Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 keyboard is this, which is a slim and lightweight tablet cover with keyboard with a compartment for the S Pen on the back.

It also offers Bluetooth connectivity to Galaxy smartphones, and DeX Mode which is the PC-experience on an Android tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – S9 Plus – S9 Ultra Book Cover Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Book Cover Keyboard
The other keyboard is the more traditional tablet keyboard with a separate case featuring a rear kickstand, and here we get a trackpad too, which the other keyboard doesn't have.

Everything connects with magnetic snap attachments, and the kickstand can swing wide open as much as 150 degrees.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – S9 Plus – S9 Ultra Smart Book Cover

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra Smart Book Cover
Samsung also returned with origami covers for the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets.

The point is simple, by folding in this manner, the rear stand can be used in both portrait mode (vertically), as well as in landscape mode (horizontally).

The other aspect of the cover is the protection of the tablet, both of the front and the back, where the pen has its own compartment on the back, though the compartment can actually be removed for those who want to carry the cover without the rear bump. So that's a clever design element from Samsung.

As long as the tablet is in standby mode, the cover also puts the tablet into auto-wake and auto-sleep when the cover is opened or closed.

Color options are black or beige, which matches the two colors of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets.

I think it's a fair statement that Samsung basically nailed it with their new flagship tablets, because there's been some serious thought going into the whole use of these tablets.

And that's becoming even more evident when looking at this details of the new choice of official accessories.

– Tom Bowen