Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tablets Receive Android 13 Update + UI 5.0

The Android 13 update has just started rolling out to all three Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets, and with that Samsung's UI 5.0 user interface on top of that.

You may already be familiar with the new features in Android 13, but Samsung's UI 5.0 update is perhaps an even bigger event, since it brings with it over 70 new features and changes that affects all areas of the tablets, from customization, to notifications, calendar, multitasking, widget adjustments, TV, camera features, one hand zooming, video editing, scanning, privacy, the keyboard, and more.

For a complete overview of the changes and features, I recommend going through the new Android 13 User Manual (PDF) for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets.

Samsung's flagship tablets 2022-2023

The actual software update for the tablets meanwhile, will be sent automatically to the tablets as long as they are connected to the internet.

The cheapest we can get one of Samsung's powerful flagship tablets today, is from Amazon where the 11-inch S8 is on sale for $542. The largest 14.6-inch Tab S8 Ultra costs $999 whether you buy it from Samsung or Amazon.

– Tom Bowen