Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 And A7 Lite And Tab S7/S7+ And S6 Lite Tablets All On Sale

A lot of Samsung tablets have just gone on sale again after Prime Day, including the newest Samsung tablet on the market.

The newest Samsung tablet is of course the just launched 8.7-inch Android 11 tablet Samsung Tab A7 Lite that's already been cut to $129.

Handy as an 8-inch tablet may be, if you need something bigger, the 10.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 that now runs Android 11 too, is also on sale at the moment for $179. Not bad at all for such a popular tablet with quad speakers and optional keyboard cover.

The similarly sized Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with included digitizer pen and a faster processor, is back on sale for $279 now in the beginning of July too. It has been updated to Android 11 too since launch.

And then there's the flagship tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ that all have discounts in the range of $50 to $110 off, all depending on the color and size of the storage.

– Tom Bowen