Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2019 Model) (SM-T295) Now FCC Approved Too

Samsung's next 7-inch Android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2019 Model) with model numbers Samsung SM-T295 and SM-T290 have now been FCC approved too as filings over the course of the last week demonstrates.

It appears that it's the 4G LTE version SM-T295 that's been given the primary attention while getting the tablet prepped for launch, and not so much the Wi-Fi only version SM-T290. That could be a tell tale sign that the 4G LTE version may be the new normal model, but it remains to be seen.

There are a few scenarios the pick from in this regard. Samsung have previously launched 7-inch Android tablets as combined tablets and phones in some emerging Asian markets aimed at those who might not be able to afford both.

New Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 (2019 Model) Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2019 Model) (SM-T295)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2019 Model) (SM-T295)

Samsung itself labels this tablet as a “Multi-band GSM/WCDMA/LTE Phone with Bluetooth, WLAN” in their filings with the FCC. But as the illustrations submitted to the FCC as well as the model series suggests, it has a tablet form factor, and in internal communication Samsung refers to it as a tablet.

Since the new 7-inch Samsung tablet was benchmarked 2 months ago already, we already know the main specs, but from the FCC filings we also learn that it has a 4980 mAh battery and dual-band Wi-Fi in addition to the 4G LTE cover. This means that the battery capacity is almost 25% higher than that of the current Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 which already has a 9 hour battery life.

Other specs includes Android 9.0 Pie, a quad-core 2.0 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and 2GB of RAM. And as we can see by the illustrations, we also get a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB port on this upcoming Samsung tablet.

– Tom Bowen