Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (EI-T5300) Specs And Leaks

What are the as of yet unannounced item tracker Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (EI-T5300)? Well I wanted to find out more about it, so I did a little search on it to see what Samsung has come up with.

To begin with, despite not having announced the Bluetooth tracker yet, Samsung isn’t particularly shy about it, as per their own official description with the Bluetooth certification body, they’ve described the function of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag as “Smart Tag which has button for find phone and loud.”

OK, so maybe the linguistic elegance of that description didn’t make us much wiser after all. But further research told me that this is only registered as a single-band 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 5.1 item tracker, with no other wireless hardware onboard.

(UPDATED: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has now been unveiled)

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

With Bluetooth 5.0 we got a seriously extended range on Bluetooth, at up to 400m indoor, and up to 1000m outdoor in ideal conditions. You’ll rarely get such ideal conditions in the real world, but that’s the maximum range. Samsung is unlikely to market the Smart Tag as having a range of 1000m too of course.

And then with Bluetooth 5.1 we got increased location precision as well, so at least the technology itself has some proper practical potential.

The schematics from the South Korean regulators makes it seem like the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (EI-T5300) will be very similar in design to the Tile Pro.

Tile has a series of different item trackers, with the Tile Mate being the most famous, but with Tile Pro having a longer range and a different battery. By the looks of it, I would think that the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will feature a replaceable 3V button cell CR2032 battery, based on the size and specs of it.

If that’s the case, then Samsung might give it a one year battery life.

You can make out the battery compartment from the illustration where the battery will be located in the middle, covering the compliance information. The hole on top should be for the key ring.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag color options are described as being both black and oatmeal. So this is one of the first new devices we can look forward to from Samsung in 2021.

– Tom Bowen

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