13% Off Teclast, Chuwi, Onda, Xiaomi Tablets And Tablet Accessories

A new sale has started for select tablet brands where tablets from such manufacturers as Teclast, Chuwi, Onda, Xiaomi primarily will be discounted with 13% off, but these disounts requires coupons, where these coupons needs to be be applied at checkout for the discounts to kick in.

Fortunately these coupons are logical and easy to remember, where each brand appears to have its designated coupon, with these sales coupons being named “Teclastoff”, “chuwioff”, “ondaoff”, and “Xiaomioff”.

I'm also noticing that starting February 18, there are coupons available for individual categories of technologies too, such as “GBMBP” for cell phones, “GBTPC” for tablet computers, and “GBCNA” for accessories to computers and networks.

So there are a few bargains even after Valentine's day if we know where to look.

– Jim Miller