Rumor: SM-M625F Rumored To Be Launched As A Samsung M-Series Tablet In India

The tablet rumor of the day is one from the Indian mobile site 91mobiles who says that Samsung will launch a first new M-series tablet.

This is based upon information they have of a Samsung mobile device carrying the model number SM-M625F, which they say will launch with 256GB of storage, be the size of a compact tablet or phablet, and be launched in India in early 2021.

This isn't really saying much. At the moment Samsung does not have an M-range of tablets, only an M-range of smartphones. An earlier rumor have to the contrary claimed that the M62 is a smartphone that will launch with a 7000 mAh battery and 48MP quad camera.

Of course, they could both be right. If a tablet features cellular connectivity an it has a 7-inch screen, it's basically up to you if you want to call it a smartphone, phablet, or tablet these days, since smartphones have grown a lot in size the last five years. Apple's iPhone 12 Max has a 6.7-inch screen

But Samsung and some of the other mobile brands, have occasionally launched products only for the Indian market, specifically phablets that have had the size of a tablet, but combined with the regular phone capabilities of a smartphone.

The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy J Max that launched in India in 2016 was one of them. That was essentially just a regular 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, with a different firmware and usually bundled with a Bluetooth earpiece for phone conversations.

Samsung Galaxy J Max
Samsung Galaxy J Max from 2016

– Tom Bowen