Rugged Otterbox Trusty Case For iPad mini 6 Launching February 21st

Otterbox is finally releasing one of their sought after iPad min 6 cases next month, for $59:

Launching on February 21st is the Otterbox Trusty Case for the iPad mini 6.

These Otterbox Trusty Cases will be available in blue or pink, and features a rugged protective case and cover, a pencil holder for the stylus, a screen protector, and an easygrab holder and stand that can also be used to hang up the tablet to some fixtures, like the headrest on car seats.

Many of the best quality cases have become expensive over the years though, even though they do come from third party companies.

And this one costs even more than a Fire 7 tablet by itself. Which leaves the question if it’s worth it it the end.

– Jim Miller