Rollable Oppo X 2021 Showcased In Detail

Oppo has showcased the rollable smartphone for some time now, so the concept is no secret. But they still used th Mobile World ongress in Shanghai this week to show us the details, leaving little to imagination at this point.

Oppo's rollable is named Oppo X 2021, even if Oppo haven't guarnateed that they will manufacture it yet. Though with foldables still failing on the issue of tear and wear due to the creases of the folding displays, the first rollables could still get an inside edge into this still new form factor.

Apart from the actual display technology, the two main parts that supports the display of the Oppo X 2021, is the Warp Track that consists of a curtain or caterpillar of steel tracks that supports the display, further supported by an even thicker bedframe of steel plates underneath that supports 100% of the track when rolled up, and 50% of the track when rolled out.

In smartphone mode, the screen is 6.7 inches wide, while in tablet mode it is 7.4 inches wide. A ‘Magic Side Button' will engage the two motors that rolls the display in and out.

Rollable phone
Oppo's Rollable phone Oppo X 2021

– Tom Bowen