Reinkstone R1 Kickstarter 100% Funded In Just Hours

If you've been holding out for a a e-paper tablet that has more of a tablet usability as well, then the Reinkstone R1 might be what you've been looking for. After the Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday, it was 100% funded in just hours, and is planned to launch in November:

The Reinkstone R1 (pronounced re-ink-stone) has a familiar tablet size of 10.1 inches, will run Android 11, and feature a 2232 x 1680 resolution DES New Color e-paper display. Of course, it doesn't have the millions of colors of a regular tablet computer, but this may still be the first e-paper tablet with a color display that will have some mass appeal.

Featuring a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, 0.8W stereo speakers, 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for the EMR pen, and a 4500 mAh battery that's supposed to last as long as 300 hours, might fit the needs of a lot of people that's been on the fence about these e-paper tablets.

The pen has a 40ms black/white latency, and a 50ms color latency, which is on average 10 times slower than the fastest flagship tablets from Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and Lenovo, but it's getting there.

Amazon was really the company that broke the mold with ereaders and made them popular, but they still haven't got a device like this one. At the moment they only have low cost Fire tablets and Kindle ereaders without color displays. So it will be very exciting to see how Amazon responds to this new category of e-paper devices with color displays.

– Tom Bowen