Reasons why you should develop the blacksmith profession in World of Warcraft

WoW is one of the most popular MMO RPGs, in which you will find many mechanics and variations for boosting World of Warcraft and earning gold for character development.

One of the best ways to get a lot of gold is to master the system of professions and the most universal one in earning gold.

You will be able to produce most items, weapons and tools that will always be in demand among a large number of players, which is guaranteed to provide you with gold, and boosting in World of Warcraft will only be a voluntary matter – if you really want to increase your level.


To start developing the blacksmith profession, you need to upgrade a preparatory profession that will provide you with a large amount of materials – this is mining.

You need to buy a pickaxe from an NPC associated with mining in any major city and go to the locations where you can find pickaxe marks on the map – these are the points where you can mine ore, the main material for the production of ingots and the creation of various items from the forge things through which you will improve your professional skills and be able to create more complex objects.

What can a blacksmith do

If you develop your skills in creating items from steel, you will be able to create full-fledged sets of heavy armor, weapons and tools that various artisans require to improve their performance in the profession.

There are only 3 types of such tools for each profession, and they are created taking into account the logic from the description.

A blacksmith can create two items from a set for himself, but an apron for working with a hot furnace must be purchased, or ordered from a tanner.

How to work with the blacksmith profession and the main points in its development


When you master any profession as part of WoW boosting, you will encounter a thoughtful and updated interface, which was redesigned in the Dragonflight update.

In it, you will find a detailed description of all available recipes, materials needed for production and places where they can be found or bought.

You will see the main characteristics and how to enhance them to receive bonuses during production.

All events associated with random boosts will now be accompanied by audio and visual notifications.

You’ll even see a list of upgraded resources that you can use to increase your chance of creating a masterpiece.


Study and collect resources that you will use to develop your profession.

In the first couple of days, you need to create anything in order to quickly gain important profession points and discover useful items and equipment for the hero that can be sold to other players, even if it does not cost too much.

Your main task is to ensure your hero reaches level 60 through quests, grinding, or ordering the WoW Dragonflight boost in order to gain the right to sail to the Dragon Islands and discover a new mechanic there – the order table.


Now all professions have their own special parameters that can be upgraded to increase the quality and efficiency of the craft that you have chosen for yourself.

For artisans and crafters, these are often options that allow you to create more items, spend fewer resources, increase the chance of creating a masterpiece, or increase the overall production speed.

To increase all new parameters, you need to create or buy new items related to the profession to fill three slots with them.

A blacksmith can create two out of three items for himself because they use steel and many pieces of equipment for other craftsmen – for example, steel scissors for tailors, which will allow him to earn additional gold on equipment for other craftsmen.

Order table

This is the most interesting and beneficial mechanic that was added in the Dragonflight update for all players.

Thanks to the new order table, which is located in the capital of the Dragon Islands, you can fully engage in the production of items and weapons ordered by other players.

How it works

A player who wants to make a steel sword, but cannot do this because he is not engaged in professions, comes to the table, selects an item and applies all the necessary materials and a monetary reward for its creation and the order goes to the table.

It will be seen by all craftsmen who have the minimum qualifications specified when creating the item and who take the order to work.

The crafter has 30 minutes to complete the task, otherwise it will be canceled. The internal system monitors the fulfillment of all conditions and the transfer of resources and rewards, so fraud is excluded.

Orders can be public, that is, available to everyone and whoever accepts it first will carry it out, but there can also be individual orders, in which you need to be very careful.

Firstly, in personal orders the client is not obliged to apply resources and if you do not follow this point in the agreement, the system will require the use of your personal resources and if this point was not discussed in advance and was not paid for, then you will simply give the client your resources.

The advantage of an individual order for a crafter is that he does not need to meet a large number of requirements and only needs to have a studied recipe with the desired item.

For many masters, the order table is an ideal way to further upgrade their profession, but at the same time earn more gold and not even waste their resources.

Explore specializations

Now all representatives of professions can choose their own special direction in which you will make objects better.

For a blacksmith, you can become a master of armor, weapons, tools.

You will learn the first specialization very quickly, because the knowledge points necessary for this will quickly be gained for each item created for the first time, but the remaining areas will be developed long and painstakingly through a quest that has a cooldown of 7 days. This means that you will gradually be able to study all specializations if you show patience and perseverance.

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