PowerA Pokemon Wireless GameCube Controller Launch June 20th

Nintendo Switch accessory number 500 (or thereabout) will be launched next month on June 20th, with this being the PowerA Wireless GameCube Style controller:

And as you might expect, there's now a Pokemon Pikachu version available, and it's the bestselling one already before launch. Obviously the newly released movie Detective Pikachu has something to do with that. And as you might expect, this gaming controller is all yellow.

PowerA's Pokemon Pikachu Wireless GameCube controller for the Nintendo Switch tablet is a little smaller than the largest controllers, but has more controllers than most controllers, and runs on two AA batteries.

Battery life is estimated to 30 hours on average, which isn't all that bad, but you may want to consider rechargeable batteries if you want to use this controller to play regularly.

– Jim Miller