Pictures Of Purported Prototype Dual-Screen Samsung Phone Tweeted – Said To Be Cancelled

We already knew from several official sources that Samsung have been experimenting with dual-screen phone, which is not the same as foldable tablets or foldable tablet phones. But via Sammobile, a new source for us on Twitter @MMDDJ_ have posted pictures of the purported prototype, and writing at the same time that the “Project Valley” dual-screen phone with model number Samsung SM-G929F have been cancelled.

There's no way to verify any of this yet, but on the other hand, the pictures looks pretty much identical to what an unpolished version of the already public pictures of the dual-screen Samsung smartphone looks like, seen in our November article last year with the picture included at the bottom of this article.

So it appears similar in design and function to the dual-screen ZTE Axon M.

Samsung have many patents on dual-screen and even triple-screen smartphones, but what we are really awaiting are the foldable tablets, which are tablets with continuous displays that can fold. But these Samsung tablets are reported to not be unveiled before early 2019.

The latest rumor has it that Huawei may try to beat Samsung with their own foldable tablet launch before then.

– Tom Bowen