Pay By Mobile Casino: Can You Play And Pay Without Downloading An App?

One of the best things about online casinos is that you can play remotely. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to download and install an app in order to do so. 

In this article, we’ll explain how tablet owners can play at online casinos without ever needing to download the official app. 

How mobile casino payments work

Mobile gambling allows you to play some of the most popular casino games available on your phone. Most of the major casino sites out there have mobile apps that enable you to play these games and make the same mobile payments as you can on the standard site. 

But not everyone wants to download the app. According to Casino Tops Online, this and the increasing mobile phone security issues made the emerging pay-by-mobile casinos so popular among players.

Simply put, this method allows you to transfer funds to your gambling account without using your bank account or other payment processors. At the end of the month, the amount is included in your monthly mobile phone bill

Apps aren’t necessary for using mobile casinos on tablets

Luckily for those who prefer to do their gambling with standard browsers, it isn’t necessary for you to download the app of a casino to use it on your tablet.

Some casinos may prompt you to download their app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, but that’s just a recommendation. You can actually just log in to your casino account using your device’s browser, just like you would if you were signing on from a desktop. 

Though you may be against the idea of using the mobile casino app, it might not be a terrible idea to download it and try it out.

Some mobile casino apps work well with tablets. The menus and UI might not look so cluttered, as you’ll be using a screen that’s considerably larger than that of a smartphone. You can always uninstall the app afterwards if you don’t like it.

Why you should choose mobile casino sites over mobile casino apps

There are many reasons why people choose to use the standard casino site over its app counterpart. For one thing, some casinos have apps that don’t look quite as nice as the standard website.

Another reason could be the app performance – not all apps are created equal, after all. Some of them work quite well, but others might have loading times that are much longer than on the main website. Some apps might even have glitches or other performance issues that make the app version downright annoying.

Some apps have file sizes that are too large, and sometimes you have already downloaded more than enough stuff on your tablet, to the point of it being full, which requires freeing up some space.

Also, having the casino open in browser mode in your tablet means you don’t need to switch between a dedicated app and using the internet if you want to use the browser for something. You can hop back and forth between the casino website and other websites faster and easier when gaming in browser mode.

But if there’s one reason people choose to use mobile casino sites over the apps on their tablets, it’s probably because of sheer convenience. Not bothering to install the app means being able to play with minimal delay, especially if your login information is already saved in the browser on your device.

How to play on a tablet without an app

Using casinos on tablets is simple. All you have to do is sign up as you would normally on any other computer platform: visit the site and register an account using your email address and other personal information. Once that’s complete, you can log back into the site to play again or withdraw earnings using any web browser. 

Keep in mind that different apps will have different compatibility features with different websites, which is part of what makes mobile casino apps useful for some people. Keep this in mind when selecting an online casino to register with. Check its support or FAQ page for any browser compatibility notes to take into account.

The pros and cons of mobile casinos using the app

It’s important to consider both pros and cons when making your mind up about a casino or website. For one thing, there might be exclusive bonuses or offers that are only available on the mobile app version. Some online casinos do this as a way of promoting the app and getting more people to download it.

Mobile apps are also more likely to have more intuitive push notifications – this means that if you like to visit your favorite mobile casino multiple times a day, the app version might make more sense for you.

On the other hand, mobile apps can be less secure than their website counterparts. They tend to be attacked more often in data breaches, which is bad news for the privacy and security of both your funds and your personal info. Apps also can sometimes be more difficult to navigate, even with touchscreens as opposed to using a mouse.

Wrapping up

Tablet usage is only getting more popular all the time, and the same is true for mobile casino usage on tablets.

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy playing at online casinos, you should consider whether the web browser version of the mobile app version is the right call for you. Making the right choice will greatly enhance how you spend your time playing slots or other casino games.