Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G Tablet With 35 Hour Battery Life Coming

Mobile tech brand Ouktel is launching new tablets left and right these days, and they've got an interesting one coming up in a few weeks called the Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G. It will premiere with AliExpress and ship in September.

As you can see by the photos, this computer spells rugged tablet from far way. Just look at the rear kickstand for it. At the core, this is a waterproof 10.1-inch Android 13 tablet with a Full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution display. And it even has an IP69K dust- and waterproof rating, so that's an extra notch over the IP68 rated Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets even.

Computing power consists of a MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor, which in the process also adds 5G cellular connectivity to the tablet, together with 12GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB storage.

Oukitel RT7
Oukitel RT7

So far the specs have seemed pretty normal, but then we get to the really juicy specs.

For instance, have you ever heard of a tablet with a 35 hour battery life before? Well, based upon the gigantic 32,000 mAh battery capacity on the Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G, that's what we can expect in vide playback. That's 200% higher than even the best of normal consumer tablets. Charging is supported at a capacity up to 33W.

Of course this battery advantage does something to the weight and size, since this is a 19.8mm thick tablet. But at least you can't complain about the battery life of it.

Another outstanding feature here are the 3 rear cameras that also stand out a lot. The first one is a 48MP Sony camera with another 2MP camera, but the third one is a 20MP night vision camera, though I'm currently in the dark about what their definition of night vision is in this case.

On the front it has a 32MP camera, though I assume this an interpolated resolution, since there are few normal scenarios where this type resolution has much use. But I'll update once I know for sure.

Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G
Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G

The exterior has a very rugged and protective function, and instead of adding additional closed covers for it, this tablet actually has two latches on the back where people can attach a shoulder strap for carrying it with instead.

This is the second Ouktel tablet to feature the big handle bars on the back after it was introduced on the Oukitel RT6, so Oukitel must have some positive experience with it already.

Other Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G specs are on the normal side though, including Wi-Fi 5, BT 5.1, GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo, e-compass, and a USB C port.

Samsung have a rugged tablet in this category too, called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro, which even features an integrated stylus pen, so there are some great choices in this category.

– Jim Miller