Next iPad To Switch To USB C From Lightning Connector Too

According to the latest iPad information coming out of the Apple tracking site MacOtakara today, Apple will continue to implement USB ports instead of Lightning ports on iPads on some but not all future iPads.

Based on information from a Chinese supplier, the Japanese site believes that the new iPad Air will be the next iPad to feature a USB C port instead of a Lightning port.

They also believe that the next iPad Air will be based upon the 1st gen. 11-inch iPad Pro, only with downgraded camera features.

USB C iPad 2020

It has previously been assumed that a new 10.8-inch iPad will launch in the second half of this year.

Curiously though, they estimate that the upcoming 8.5-inch iPad mini will continue to feature a Lightning port over a USB C port.

EU politicians have for years been coming up with rules that have tried to force companies like Apple into adapting a common port like USB over their own proprietary Lightning port.

– Tom Bowen