Next iPad Pro Models Get New Leaks From The Supply Chain

Japanese Apple news site Mac Otakara have been quoting supply chain insiders over the weekend who claims that the next two iPad Pro models will undergo so changes they know about already.

For the Pad Pro 12.9 III and iPad Pro 10.5 II the new features includes the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack, just like Apple famously removed it on iPhone, while also relocating the Smart Connector and slimming the tablets down.

The new iPad Pro 12.9 will reduce the thickness from 6.9mm to 6.4mm, with dimensions going down from 305.7mm x 220.6mm to 280mm x 215mm. Meanwhile, the new iPad Pro 10.5 will be slim down from 6.1mm to 6mm, with fram size going down from 250.6mm x 174.1mm to 247.5mm x 178.7mm.

Great to see that Apple still knows how to improve upon the iPads in more ways than just hardware, as any tablet under 7mm in thickness is already very thin. So this makes me curios about their new weight too.

A portion of the report reprinted by Juli Clover on Mac Rumors also reveals some new details on the upcoming trio of iPhone phablets.

Mac Otakara also says that the new iPad Pro’s will be diamond cut around the edges on the front and back. This is a process that Asus used to use on their tablets, and the diamond cut portion of their tablets really made them pop visually.

– Tom Bowen

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