New Samsung Portable SSD T5 External Hard Drive Launched At 51 Grams With 250GB To 2TB Storage

In the 2 1/2 years since Samsung launched their first Samsung T1 portable SSD hard drive, Samsung have managed to get a pretty significant market share, and well deserved too, since they have done a better job in the market than the competitors it went up against in the storage space:

Now Samsung have launched the newest version of this portable SSD hard drive, called Samsung Portable SSD T5 and it has some major benefits, and one of them is in the portability, since it weighs just 51 grams despite being covered by aluminum, which is just 1/3 of a what a typical 5-inch smartphone weighs these days. It's also just 10.5mm thick, and otherwise 74mm x 57.3mm wide, which means it's very small.

There are 4 storage options, ranging from 250GB and 500GB, to 1TB and 2TB of V-NAND flash, with the price starting at $129. Color options are black or blue.

Samsung Portable SSD T5

Data transfer happens through USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen 2, 10Gbps), meaning that the transfer speed is 540MB/s. And it has AES 256-bit hardware data encryption and support for UASP mode.

It has no moving parts and has a shock resistant internal frame, and is rated to withstand drops from 2 meters, which is probably why Samsung offer a 3 year warranty on the T5.

Samsung have also made their own free Android app just for the T5 which can be used to easily control the security settings when accessed through tablets or phones. But Samsung says the T5 is ready to go on all Windows devices, Macs, and smartphones.

– Tom Bowen