New iPad Model Numbers Registered By Apple In Eurasia

The French Apple fansite Consomac reported a couple of hours ago that Apple have registered a few new iPads through Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), though not a whole lot is know yet other than getting it on record that Apple has new iPad model numbers out there.

Very little information surrounding new iPads have come out up until now, which would be a first if the new iPads were to release soon.

The iPads that were legally registered were listed with the current iOS 11 yesterday. The last OS update that rolled out to iPads, was iOS 11.4 in May.

Registered Apple model numbers for the the iPads yesterday were A1876, A1934, A1979, A2013, and A2014.

So these are 5 different model numbers, but these are unlikely to be 5 different iPads. Instead these model numbers show distinctions between Wi-Fi and 4L LTE models, as well as distinctions between specific regional models.

For instance, the current iPad Pro 12.9 II Wi-Fi has model number A1670, and then A1671 on the 4G LTE model, but the Chinese model with 4G LTE suddenly has a much higher model number up at A1821.

The newest tablet from Apple is the Apple iPad 9.7, unveiled on March 27.

At some point in the future we may actually get treated to 8 speaker iPads, as Apple have already patented a clever new audio setup based on an octa-speaker tablet.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5
Apple iPad Pro 10.5

– Tom Bowen