New 2023 Huawei MatePad Tablet Starts Leaking – A Large One?

Huawei does pretty regular tablet launches in their wide tablet portfolio, either of brand new tablets or on slightly upgraded models.

Today the guys over at HuaweiCentral spotted the first certification of a new Huawei tablet for 2023, with the model number DBY2-W00, registered today.

With this being the first leak for this tablet, we only have the Wi-Fi 6 certification as the first known specs to base any speculation on, but at least the writer was tipped that this tablet will be a large tablet. So we will see.

The latest Huawei MatePad

The largest Huawei tablet at the moment is the Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6, which is still only a few months old.

I don't know of any additional useful info myself, but I know that Huawei has a few new 2023 MateBook notebooks with Windows 11 coming, so Huawei will for sure continue to launch new tablets and small laptops regularly for the next couple of months.

– Tom Bowen