New Features Announced For Photoshop on iPad

Adobe's large annual event is on once again, and will lead to announcements for several days, especially as their live events are streamed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Today however, Adobe announce new features in Photoshop on iPad.

New features for iPad users now includes the same Healing Brush that's available on the desktop version. It can be used to blend in an object that would otherwise stand out, by swiping over it or using the digitizer.

If you want to insert an object as smoothly as possible instead, the Magic Wand is now brought to the iPad too.

Canvas Projection for sharing or collaborating the canvas with others is now supported too for USB C and HDMI devices.

Sky Replacement Enhancements where users can import images from Adobe's Discover site can also be used to add one of 5000 other skies into an image.

Transform Warp Bezier Handles has also been added, which is probably more for actual product designers or picky photographers doing corrections on warps.

In addition to these new features for iPads, Adobe says that they also released over 500 fixes. So if you're a regular Adobe Photoshop user, there's a lot to dig into.

– Tom Bowen