New Amazon OS Coming For Fire Tablets And Other Fire Devices From 2024 – Report

According to tech reporter Janko Roettgers, Amazon will replace their operating system Fire OS in 2024 with a non-Android based on instead, according to his latest report.

The scoop comes with Roettgers citing several sources with information about this, as well as confirming it with other material, some of which has been public.

So that would mean bye bye to the thinly Android-based Fire OS that we've been used too on tablets and other Amazon Fire devices.

At the moment the new OS name is only known by the project name Vega. But based on the research Roettgers have done, the development now seems to be in its final stages, so we might expect the new Amazon OS to roll out in 2024.

And it's not just for the Fire tablets, smart hub devices, and Fire TVs either, but for the automotive segment too.

Amazon is generally the world's 4th largest tablet brand, so there's a lot riding on this. And Amazon has over 270 operating system related job openings at the moment, so it's obvious that having everything related to the OS in-house can offer a huge benefit for a company as large as Amazon.

A more modern and more efficient OS, which is easier to update, is more multidevice integrated, and less restrictive for Amazon to build on, are some of the obvious benefits. So it will be fun to watch the outcome of this.

Amazon is also expanding in related areas too of course, like with the satellite broadband Project Kuiper, which is a rival to Elon Musk's Starlink.

And in September Amazon even managed to nab Microsoft's Surface chief product officer Panos Panay, where he is now leading Amazon's Devices & Services business, which seems very similar to his main role in Microsoft. So lots of exciting things will develop in this space during the next couple of years.

The newest Amazon tablet on the market today, is the Fire HD 10 which was released just 3 weeks ago.

– Jim Miller