New Amazon Fire Tablet FCC Approved Today – Looks Like A New 8 Inch Tablet

I discovered that Amazon has a new unannounced tablet in the works for launch this fall via today’s FCC listings, and this new Amazon tablet looks like a new 8-inch model.

The FCC leaked specs only gives us so much to go on, but the approval papers specifies that this is an Amazon tablet, that’s been approved as both a regularly charging tablet and as a wirelessly charging tablet.

(UPDATED: The new Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 8 Plus were unveiled on September 21)

Other specs only shows the dual-band Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth specs, and nothing more. Not even the screen size.

New Amazon tablet 2022-2023

The wireless charging dock

But considering that the Fire HD 8 / Fire HD 8 Plus is the only Amazon tablet that haven’t been upgraded since 2022, and that it’s also the only one of Amazon’s tablets that features wireless charging on the Fire HD 8 Plus version, I can only assume that it’s a new Fire HD 8 2023-2024 model.

When the new Fire 7 was released earlier this year, it got a price bump upwards of $10. The entry level Fire HD 8 was launched for $89, so let’s see if that will launch for $10 more too or if Amazon has come up with an alternative plan.

New Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet 2022-2023

– Tom Bowen

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