Most Popular Windows 10 Apps Now During March

The global lockdown has had a huge impact on mobile technology, leading to anything from tablets being sold out due to high demand, to people adapting mobile and remote work technology even more while everybody is waiting for things to go back to normal as they have started to in China.

Nearly all of the most popular Windows apps in March reflect this in one way or the other, either directly or indirectly. And here is a list of most popular apps when working from home or working remotely in teams, that may not always be the most well known apps, but that it may be useful to know or be reminded of given their practicality.

Zoom Rooms
A scalable video conferencing app with wireless content sharing.

Microsoft To Do: Lists, Tasks & Reminders
A lot of people had not noticed this app before, and it can even be used to attach files in the tasks and lists.

Microsoft Whiteboard
Another collaboration app from the Windows makers themselves. This app lets people write on a organized whiteboard simultaneously.
A file sharing and transferring app that's been around for 6 years, but that's become even more popular the last two months.

Drawboard PDF
This digitizer app for Windows comes in a regular version with very good mark up and annotation features for PDF files. But a Drawboard PDF PRO version adds a ton of features, like merging and re-order documents, calibrating the document, use rulers, and features of that kind.

Grammarly for Microsoft Edge
Grammarly, specifically for that browser they call Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Remote Desktop
This Windows app from Microsoft lets users connect to other computers remotely with a quick user interface.

It's been a while since Evernote was the latest rage, but now it's very popular again, and it enables quick notetaking through either typed letters or pen input.

Adobe Photoshop Express
One of Adobe's smaller but highly rated photo editing apps that easily lets you tweak your images so they become fit for publication or presentation.

– Tom Bowen