Mitsubishi Voice Activated Finger Drawing Displays Spoken Words

Now there's a mouthful. Mitsubishi Electric announced today that they have developed the world's first voice-activated drawing function that displays spoken words where a finger is traced on a touch screen.

So this is going to need some explanation obviously. Fortunately, Mitsubishi has provided us with some illustrations for how they see this technology put to good use.

The technologies here are a combination of voice recognition and drawing functions for touch screens, such as tablets and smartphones. But then, to really make it useful, this technology can be combined with a range of others functions, such as translation, or drawing on pictures in illustration.

Mitsubishi Voice-Activated Finger Drawing Displays Spoken Words

So basically you can press down on the screen while speaking to display words wherever you drag your finger. This is the kind of technology that makes tablets increasingly useful in society, so kudos to Mitsubishi on this one. Other technology companies should take note.

We'll cover this more once tablet manufacturers starts to pick up the technology.

This isn't the only new tablet technology we should expect from Mitsubishi in 2016 actually, since Mitsubishi Electric also has the capacity to produce new low cost OLED displays with a new technology that could potentially cut costs to 1/3 of the current OLED panel prices.

Mitsubishi Electric labs are also working on other display improvement technologies for 2016/2017 that looks promising if it's launched.

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– Tom Bowen