Mini-LED iPad Pro 12.9 May Have Been Pushed Back To Q1 2021

A new iPad Pro 12.9, thought of only as a high-end model that would be the first iPad to implement a mini-LED display, may have been delayed from its originally anticipated Q3 2020 launch date, according to the latest research note from famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

A brief excerpt was reprinted on MacRumors, essentially telling investors not to worry too much about the lockdown impact on Apple with regards to their adoption of mini-LED displays on Macs and iPads in the years ahead.

While initial chip manufacturing is still expected to start in Q3 this year, final terminal assembly of mini-LED's are not expected before Q1 2021.

The report even notes that Apple competitors will be forced to adopt mini-LED technologies themselves to keep up with Apple.

The last statement is an interesting one, considering how many display alternatives there are. Even just OLED displays alone comes in a variety of options.

Mini-LED computers started launching in April, with the MSI Creator 17, which will give people some time to determine if mini-LED technology really offers the benefit they are looking for.

The new or additional mini-LED iPad Pro 12.9 is believed to feature an Apple A14X chipset. Based on the timing, perhaps a 5G option won't be too unlikely either, though there's been no signs of 5G options yet.

I guess this means that more people will buy the recently release iPad Pro 12.9 now, knowing how long they will have to wait for new model.

– Tom Bowen