Mid-September Tablet Deals

We're past the middle of September, and the tablet computer market is still in high demand this week as more people buy tablets with keyboard especially, for use in studies or work.

So for that reason there's not a whole lot of tablet deals right now, and particularly not on many recommended tablets.

But there are still a few tablets that are worth having that just happens to be on sale this week in September.

The first one is the Apple iPad 10, which has gone on a rare and proper sale, with the price down to $399. This iPad can be fitted with both a keyboard and pen too.

The Apple iPad Pro suddenly got a price cut too, which has given this very powerful iPad an entry price of $729.

Middle Of September Tablet Deals

Over at Best Buy, Logitech is selling a keyboard bundle for the iPad with the Combo Touch Keyboard with a free Logitech Crayon stylus for $159.

Lenovo too has provided a September deal on their recently launched 9-inch Android tablet Tab M9 for $119.

Amazon meanwhile has put one Fire tablet on sale, and that's the 10.1-inch Fire HD 10 for $119.

Last week, Amazon even introduced a 12 month payment plan for the larger 11-inch tablet Fire Max 11.

The very capable Xiaomi Pad 6 with 8GB of RAM costs just $349 now too, though the 6GB RAM model is even cheaper.

Other than these tablets, all the other tablets on sale are either about to be replaced by a new model, or they have not achieved any new sales price this month. Keep in mind that Microsoft will launch the new 10.5-inch Surface Go 4 in two days.

So my advice is to not buy the Surface Go 3 right now if you are in the market for a mid-range Windows tablet.

If you always wanted the large Surface Book 3 tablets at either 13.5 inches or 15 inches, but could not afford them before, then the price has become quite cheap by now, and it's still possible to get them new, even if they are not the type of flagship tablets they once were any longer.

– Tom Bowen