Microsoft To Launch 5 New Surface Computers Says Chinese Paper Economic Daily News

Once again, and this time much closer to Microsoft’s Windows 10 event on October 26, it is being claimed that Microsoft will launch as much as 5 new Surface branded computers, ranging from 21-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch AIO desktop computers, as well as a Surface Pro 5 and a Surface Book 2, with most of them manufactured by Pegatron, Chinese-language Economic Daily News reports.

This was reprinted a couple of hours ago in Digitimes, who also notes that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 will adopt bio-sensor technologies, press-sensor stylus and Perceptive Pixel, and of course the latest 7th gen. Intel Core “Kaby Lake” processors.

But the paper doesn’t say when. So we still don’t know what devices might be unveiled on October 26, and what devices won’t be unveiled before 2017.

But with 2 weeks still to go before the Windows 10 event, there is still the chance of a new leak before then. As Tabletmonkeys discovered a little while ago, some of Microsoft’s next devices are also built by Sporton International. But it’s likely that the Surface computers are built by Pegatron, since Pegatron have manufactured Surface tablets for Microsoft before.

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The EDN report that the new Surface computers will adopt Perceptive Pixel features are fresh news though, and here is a demo of what Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel division was working on 2 years ago.

– Tom Bowen

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