Microsoft To Do: The Superior Choice for Task Management

Microsoft To Do is a robust task management application that helps you stay organized and productive across devices.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about using To Do to manage tasks effectively.

Get Started with To Do

Get Started with To Do
Get Started with To Do

To get started, download To Do on your preferred platform – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or access the web version.

Sign in with your Microsoft account to sync all devices. The clean interface displays task lists and groups in one line at the top.

Quickly create new lists and groups using the buttons at the bottom.

Create Tasks

Click the Tasks tab and type in a new task. Give it a name, due date, reminders, priority star, notes, attachments, and steps (sub-tasks).

Hashtag tasks to link them. Creating tasks on mobile is easier with widgets and notification shortcuts.

Organize with Lists and Groups

Break tasks down into logical lists and groups. Lists help divide tasks by project or context e.g. personal, work.

Groups further organize lists by categories e.g. calls, meetings. Rename, reorder, nest, and color code lists flexibly.

Leverage Smart Lists

Smart lists automatically group tasks to help you plan. My Day collects today's tasks. Planned has upcoming tasks.

Flagged Emails creates tasks from flagged emails. Assigned to You tracks delegated tasks. Sort smart lists differently.

Manage Tasks

Sort tasks in many ways – date, due date, title, importance. Reorder tasks by drag and drop.

Mark tasks complete or move them to Completed smart list. Archive old completed tasks. Enable/disable smart lists to suit your workflow.

Stay on Top of Tasks

Widget and notification center popup provide quick task access and creation without app switching.

Interactive push notifications prompt you to complete tasks with buttons. Useful when you can't access your device.

Set Reminders

Remember important tasks with custom reminders by date/time or location-based triggers when arriving at or leaving places.

Receive notifications as banner previews, pop-ups or full screen depending on priority.

Repeat Tasks

Repeat Tasks  
Repeat Tasks

Don't forget recurring tasks. Set repeat frequency – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, custom number of days or workdays. To Do automatically creates recurring tasks for you.

Share Tasks

Collaborate seamlessly by sharing task lists with others directly. Simply tap the Share button and invite via email address. Shared tasks sync across participants in real-time.

View Task History

See a task's activity trail with creation date, changes and completions logged.

Tap Show history on the task details page. Useful for tracking shared tasks and accountability.

Integrate Microsoft Apps

Productivity enhances when To Do integrates tightly with other Microsoft apps.

Import Outlook flagged emails to create linked tasks automatically. Access tasks assigned in Planner or Teams.

Customize To Do

Tailor To Do to suit your exact needs for optimum productivity. The navigation menu lets you show/hide smart lists and completed tasks.

Themes and colors provide visual customization. Disable sharing if unused.


To Do works great as a simple to-do list but also handles large projects with hierarchy, structure, and intelligence.

Use these tips to organize tasks across contexts, collaborate with others, and integrate To Do into your workflows to boost productivity